I found my calling as a Birth Doula and Lactation Counselor many years before I had my own children.  I think it may have started as far back as being present at my sisters birth as a small child.  Either way, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and the "4th trimester" are just things that I naturally felt a passion for.

 I was raised in a family full of Chiropractors and Holistic Health Professionals - so no doubt that rubbed off on me a bit.  My husband and I are both Boulder natives but we took a little jaunt to the PNW for several years and lived in Seattle.  While we loved it there, Colorado called us back home.  We have settled in Longmont with our two beautiful young kids and enjoy showing them all the things we've always loved about Colorado.

 While my perspective has changed a bit since having my own children, my foundation of care has always remained the same.  I believe it is my calling to support women in whatever it is they want their journey to motherhood to look like.  There is no set expectation from me as to how or where you birth your baby.  I believe that I need to read your energy in those moments and support you or you and your chosen birth partners with whatever feels right.  I am hear to give you support tools, information and a judgement free birthing space.  It is my hope I always give the space you need while offering love and support throughout.  

Most women (for good reason) focus on the plan for pregnancy and childbirth and feel that breastfeeding will come naturally once baby is born.  This is definitely the case for some but for many, some form of support is needed.  Sometimes its just a few simple questions and other times it's a matter of helping a baby thrive.  Breastfeeding is an amazing, powerful and often emotional part of motherhood.  My own breastfeeding journey has looked very different with each of my children but we were able to do it on our own terms.  Breastfeeding is something that should be normalized and respected in all its forms.  It looks different for every mother and child.  



For the past seven years, I have had the honor of being present as women have allowed me in their birthing and breastfeeding space.  My training was with Child Birth International which is known to be one of the most rigorous and comprehensive programs out there.  I will never stop learning and look forward to all the things I can add to my services in the future.  I recently joined an amazing collective of birth professionals, I'm so thrilled at the wide variety of services provided by these amazing women.


I am a proud member of the Sage Birth & Wellness Collective.